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Building Setback provisions in AP - New G.O.Ms.NO. 34

Hyderabad, Jan. 22: Under pressure from the builder's lobby, the state government has finally decided to allow deviations up to 10 per cent in the setback area of all categories of buildings in corporations, municipalities and urban development areas.

The extension of 10 per cent deviation rule comes as a major boon to the builders taking up construction of commercial complexes and other buildings in cities and towns.

For instance, 3.5 metres of setback area has to be left for buildings being constructed in 700 square metres plot.

If the builder is allowed to make 10 per cent deviation on all sides of setback except front portion and is levied Rs. 1,000 penalty per square metre, he still stands to benefit as the selling price in cities and towns is over Rs. 1,000 per square feet.

Builders from Kurnool, Rajahmundry and other cities and towns have been lobbying for extension of the 10 per cent deviation rule ever since it was made applicable in the Hyderabad metropolitan region in 2006.

Heeding their demand, the state government on Saturday issued G.O. Ms No 34 allowing 10 per cent deviations for all categories of buildings.

"It is meant to ensure uniform applicability of building rules all over the state," said an official of the municipal administration and urban development department.

Source: DC 23/1/2011